The development of research and innovation projects focusing on the mushroom sector is the main basis of the CTICH activities. The two most important elements to the keep the quality of the mushroom culture in La Rioja are the adaptation of leading technologies and the own research.

Researching projects are coordinated and done by CTICH, at regional, national and European calls.

CTICH conducts projects by its own and collaborates with partners (companies, universities, researching centers).

Main researching activities are divided in the following areas:

  • Mushroom production: this area is focused on crop management and cultivation methods. It has direct impact on mushroom growers and compost producers.
    • Mushroom crops (Agaricus and Pleurotus). Casing soils (new mixes and materials), increase yields, new analytics methods and procedures
    • Exotic mushrooms: new crops, substrate and compost production, cultivation methods
    • Waste management of spent mushroom substrate. Circular economy


  • Biotechnology and Health: mushrooms have been traditionally used because of its medicinal properties in Asian countries. These properties have been investigated by research center in order to give consumers all the info and new products.
    • Healthy mushroom properties dissemination.
    • Bioactive research for new medicinal, healthy and cosmetic properties.
    • Mushroom extracts production.