Cultivated mushrooms are the second most important crop in Rioja.

Rioja is the largest mushroom producing region in Spain, with 55% of the national production. 72,000 tonnes of Agaricus and 7,000 tonnes of Pleurotus are produced annually.

The three most important Spanish companies canning mushrooms are located in La Rioja, including the third largest in Europe.

The majority of composting yards, growing facilities and distribution companies are legally structured like cooperative business.

Mushroom production is located in the area known as “Rioja Baja”. In Rioja there are 198 growers whom cultivates in 389 buildings (294 for Agaricus and 95 for Pleurotus), and generates job for 1,305 workers.

The “Asociación Profesional de Productores de Sustratos y Hongos de La Rioja, Navarra y Aragón (ASOCHAMP)” is a professional organization, founded in 1979 which include the mushroom growers from Rioja, Navarra and Aragón.

Since 2003, ASOCHAMP has its head office at “Centro Tecnológico de Investigación del Champiñón de La Rioja (CTICH)” facilities, granted by Rioja´s Regional Government in order to boost mushroom sector with development installations.

ASOCHAMP main objectives are the representation, promotion and dissemination for their members, following next premises:

  • Improvement and increase of mushroom production.
  • Modern business promotion for their members.
  • Research and development activities related to mushroom sector.
  • Improve mushroom waste management procedures towards a circular economy.
  • Mushroom quality labels and mushroom sales promotion.
  • Mushroom cultivation training.
  • Magazines and newspaper publications related to mushroom business.
  • Search for the lowest environmental impact.

Reaching these objectives is possible because of collaboration between different sector companies, making easier knowledge transfer, technical results and experience.