Since it starts, CTICH has focused its efforts improving substrate production and mushroom cultivation.

Nowadays, the center has facilities to work in all the stages of substrate production and mushroom cultivation process:

  • Mycelium lab: equipped laboratory to replicate and produce mushroom mycelium.
  • Composting: composting pilot plant to produce pasteurized mushroom compost
  • Mushroom cultivation (Agaricus bisporus): two temperature controlled rooms, Dutch cultivation system, which allows industrial trials and three pilot cultivation rooms.
  • Exotic pilot plant: substrate production, sterilization, inoculation and incubation.
  • Mushroom cultivation (Pleurotus and exotic mushroom): traditional greenhouse and 6 temperature controlled rooms for exotic mushrooms growing.

CTICH also has a 300 m2 storage building, equipped with a refrigerated room and services building which includes a totally equipped laboratory, training room, meeting room and administrative area. Training room has 60 people total capacity.